March 2019

Note from the Editors

By Holly Krepps and Stela Balaban

Here we are, in awe at all that has been accomplished and at the possibilities that stand before us. Circle Yoga Shala celebrates 10 years! Our Yoga Therapy Program just received accreditation by the IAYT earlier this year. And we are launching this quarterly publication, an effort born out of an imminent need for an objective, comprehensive and integrated approach to all that yoga has to offer.

This first issue focuses on the spine and explores this topic from a variety of points of view: biomechanical, philosophical, and Ayurvedic. Evolution provides an explanation for the shape of the spine when development is normal. When development is challenged, there are structural and pathological conditions that develop, such as scoliosis, that require a special approach. However we understand how the spine works, we can draw many applications for how to move and stabilize the spine while maintaining all the neutral curves. Next, we translate spine and bone as earth and look at Ayurveda to inform our lifestyle. Finally, we provide a philosophical introduction to the astral spine and a personal account of Kundalini rising.

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Yoga In Action - March 4 to print v2-page002.jpeg