What Others Have to Say

"A place for healing and community. Words can not describe the experience that the Circle Yoga Shala has to offer. Once you go, you are family. I am a new person after every module. My vessel is emptied and filled with knowledge. Matt and Holly are on par with the best teachers in the world and they will not let you be anything less. If you are reading reviews to find guidance, let this be a sign post that you are looking in the right place. " Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, Bryce Anderson
"The Circle Yoga Shala is a beautiful place with life changing opportunities! It is my favorite place to be and that is not an exaggeration! Every time I leave, I am restored, energized and inspired. It is a beautiful experience of community while also having many opportunities for peaceful solitude. I recommend everything that is offered; yoga teacher training, weekend workshops, the summer Seva program or just a weekend get away!" Kecia McCracken
"I was a student at the month long residential 200HR teacher training in June 2015. It was an extremely valuable and fruitful way to spend my time and money. The shala is such a healing space; Matt & Holly are stunningly wise and helpful. The things I learned at the shala regularly enhance and simplify my life and work. I recommend getting involved with Matt & Holly's teachings in any way you can!"  Hannah Tyer
"I'm stoked that the Circle Yoga Shala exists and that I get to be apart of the stellar family of people that make it up and keep it being such a magical place! Like water to plants, it nourishes the body, minds, and soul in all the lucky people that get to come visit and take part. Love!"  Cody Lucas
"The Circle Yoga Shala is The Spiritual headquarters of Arkansas. Matt & Holly are incredibly wholesome, kind and inviting. The Shala helps many people along the way and I am thankful beyond words for this wonderful place to call home. "  Lesa Pettit
"The Shala is home. Every time you set foot on the farm, your shoulders relax, your heart swells, and your brain expands. I've learned some of the most important things on top of this beautiful mountain, and consider Matt, Holly, Lou, and everyone else who drifts through to be some of my greatest teachers, friends, and family." Jessica Gallegos
"One of my favorite places on earth."  Ben Brenner
"Matt and Holly are amazing people. The openness that they display is truly beautiful in a world where people are afraid to be known. "  Glenn McCracken
"I would definitely recommend Circle Yoga Shala to anyone looking for a loving place of yoga and unity consciousness. Matt & Holly introduced me to yoga 15 years ago and I am eternally grateful for their teaching and continued presence in the beautiful countryside of Jasper, Arkansas! What a place of peace. "  Steve Johnson
"The teaching was superior in every way. The environment was uniquely beautiful, functional and comfortable. There was individual regard for each student's needs. The food was healthy, delicious and nutritious. Thank you Circle Yoga Shala!!"  Chylene Crow
"I love everything about this place! If you are looking for peace and a place to explore yourself, your mind, your body, and life at every level this is your place!!! This place feels like home! I would recommend every person I know to go there, see the beautiful grounds, meet the amazing people, and sit. Can't wait to go back!"  Kimberly Johnson
"A phenomenal experience! This is an extremely unique learning environment packed full with up to date information and presented in a simple but yet complex fashion. Be prepared to experience a full immersion into yoga."  Shane Logan
"I loved the service! Oct 2014 was the first retreat that I had been to in years due to health considerations...I felt my health rise even higher at the woman's Fall Retreat--on all levels mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. I would highly recommend the personal & compassionate service that Holly & Matt provided."  B Dazzled
"The farm is beautiful and peaceful, the food is delicious and Matt and Holly facilitate powerful learning, practice and transformation."  Debbie Milam
"I loved the service! You guys are amazing, and I am stoked to get back on the mountain and do it all again! Much love!" Cody Lucas
"I always love coming back to this place. Every time you visit you get to meet new friends as well as seeing people you have already met and adore. Such a beautiful peace of heaven you have and thank you for sharing it with us. "  Sheila Dugopolski
"I love the teachers and the teachings. The space is also lovely, welcoming and healing."  Stela Balaban
"This is the highly recommended yoga teacher training program, located in the heart of the mountainous Northwest Arkansas. They also offer a nutritious food made from organic, locally grown products. It's an experience that will transform your life."  Tatiana Leakey
"Yoga Circle Shala was and continues to be a life altering experience. Here is a place of building good human beings. They teach yoga yet I would add that they teach us ways to be in our everyday lives that help us grow and change in a good way. What I have learned with and through Matt and Holly I have brought home into my daily living and made positive change with. They love yoga, and they love life. Their gifts are to help us bring the two together. I will continue to be a part of this awesome community always because once they have entered your heart they are there for life."  Cheryl McCord
"One of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed and not just because of the view but more because of the people, the spirit, the passion, the food, and the love and warmth you feel as soon as you pull up on the property! I recommend it to everyone I meet!"  Rex French
"Great place for yoga studies, inquiry, and learning about food. Matt and Holly are great teachers with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Excellent place to spend some time doing a yoga retreat or period of study. Very comfortable accommodations, great food, and even better people."  Michael Pulfer
"Circle Yoga Shala is an oasis perched atop the Shiloh mountain in Northern Arkansas located in the Buffalo River National Park. It is a place that gently welcomes all guests inviting each to enter the flow of yoga farm life. In season the gardens are abundant and boastful; the food is fresh and always well prepared; and the accommodations are comfortable and well appointed. No matter what brings you to this graceful place you are sure to be, in the very least, pointed in the direction of your true essence."  Emily Prather Grisham
"Circle Yoga Shala is an inclusive spiritual center dedicated to teaching Yoga roots and exploring systems of healing, They hold warm and loving gatherings for women, lodges and community events. Their hearts are full of love to share. You would do yourself a favor to attend their retreats."  Cynthia Cox