Yoga Teacher Training

We Train Whole Teachers

Circle Yoga Shala offers up to 1000 hours of yoga teacher training providing the necessary tools to meet you at the level(s) you wish to attain in becoming a teacher. From elegantly navigating general public classes to specialized groups, as well as one-on-one private training, and therapeutic settings, such as hospitals, clinics and VA, with grace, ease and clarity. Our programs are seamlessly connected and layered in learning. 

We've been training teachers since 2001 and have conducted over 7,200 hours of teacher training since that time in Arkansas, Missouri, Mexico and Ohio.  As a result, we’ve had the privilege of developing teachers who are seen as the most competent in their markets, and have evolved a program that is equaled by none: there is a difference between training someone to be a teacher, and training someone to be an instructor. We train teachers.

Our 200 and 500 hour programs are recognized by the National Yoga Alliance. Our Yoga Therapy Program is under review by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) for full accreditation and certification.

200 YTT

At the 200 hour level, we teach you what is foundational to all of the styles of yoga you may encounter or have an interest in teaching, which means a thorough grounding in the five techniques of Hatha Yoga: stillness (asana), rhythm (vinyasa), breath (pranayama), integration (bandha) and presence (drushti).  You will learn how to language and sequence these techniques in ways that continuously reveal their wholeness, and that invite continuous creativity on your part. How you arrange them and establish a dominant focus is what moves them into the direction of "styles" like restorative, vinyasa flow, alignment-based, etc.

500 YTT

The three hundred hour training is an integrated series of intensives designed to advanced a teacher’s skill in three main areas, all of which are connected to one another by the principle of adaptation. This means the overarching goal of the training is first and foremost to train teachers to assess an individual’s  current state at the level of structural, physiological, and psychological integrity, and to then use that information in combination with her desires to customize specific practices to take her where she wants to go. In this sense, the CYS training is an expression of the teaching tradition that arose out of T. Krishnamacharya’s work, which is sometimes called Viniyoga, or yoga adapted to the individual.

Learning to assess structurally means learning the basics of movement assessment, and the system of prioritization that is based on human/primate evolution, fetal development, and motor skill acquisition. It creates skill in understanding the original operating system that drives human posture and its unconscious compensations that result from injury, cultural stress, and repetitive motion.

Our 500 YTT program is a pre-requisite for the therapeutic program. 

Yoga Therapy Program