Stela Balaban, 500RYT, School Director Asst., IT Director


School Director

Stela completed her YTT500 studies at Jane’s House in St Louis in 2015 and has continued being involved in the program ever since. Using her analytical background, Stela developed private training sites for the CYS programs and helped synthesize the program content. Starting in 2016, she began co-teaching in the YTT500 program alongside Matt and Holly Krepps. She is also active in on-boarding and coordinating with students. Stela brings a wealth of experience from the corporate world about document and information management, process, project management and expert MS Office capabilities, along with other software.


Stela is involved in establishing and keeping high academic standards for the CYS programs. Stela holds a B.A. in International Relations, an M.A. in Politics and an. M.S. in Sociology and is also a published author in peer reviewed health publications.


Yoga Teacher

As a yoga teacher, Stela has been teaching group classes and workshops since 2011 across Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Arkansas. In 2017, Stela relocated to Jasper, AR (2 miles down the road from CYS, to be exact) and since then has been focusing on teacher trainings, workshops and a mentorship under Matthew Krepps.