Shane Logan, 500RYT, Master Massage Therapist

How it Began

For the majority of my life, I have made Northwest Arkansas my home.  Diagnosed with Scoliosis at 17, this precipitated a desire for knowledge to address my constant discomfort.  From 1998, massage therapy began me on a lifelong path of discovery and growth.  

When first exposed to yoga, I discovered an important aspect of holistic reorganization.  At first, yoga was more challenging to both body and mind.  Intrigued and motivated, I desired to learn more about yoga’s multitude of benefits.  As I began incorporating yoga into my massage therapy study and practice, I began to see better results in my clients pains, posture and overall well being.  



Combining a nearly two decade study and practice of massage therapy and the last seven years of Yoga training, I have a blueprint for a lifelong strategy against distress from pain and discomfort.

Clients with various physical backgrounds, ages, and ailments have sought my knowledge and talents.  From clients of my community to members of the United State Track and Field team, young people like the Har-ber High school boys basketball team to multiple athletic programs of the University of Arkansas.  For seven years,  I've maintained several athletic programs at the U of A from the men's and women's basketball, golf and tennis teams during regular season and off-season.  

Continuing Education

I possesses a dedication to continuous education by instructing to massage, physical, and occupational therapists as well as teaching workshops for yoga.  Overall,I have accrued 750 hours of massage education, 725 hours of yoga training, and over 18 years of full time practice.