Shala translates as school in sanskrit. 

Circle Yoga Shala is a School for Yoga, Creative Movement, and Self-Inquiry in Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains. We are a Member School of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and a registered school with the National Yoga Alliance. 

At the heart of all we do is contemplation, self-observation, and service.

We offer yoga teacher trainings in our 200-hour, 500-hour, and 800-hour Professional Yoga Therapy programs. We teach principles and methods that are grounded in somatic inquiry, and not inherently limited to a style of practice. To take a posture that is filled with one’s attention, ‘sensing’ what is happening (seeing and recognizing rather than thinking about), and then responding intelligently is to move with reality rather than projecting onto it. This somatic inquiry is taught in asana (movement and stillness), in meditation (sitting and walking), and in a felt relationship to the three centers: head, heart, and gut. This method lays the foundation for self-inquiry and contemplation.

We also specialize in developing movement strategies from the simple to the complex to the spontaneous. We work with professional athletes and are consultants on Team Slukova' and Hermannova', Czech Republic's Olympic Women's Beach Volleyball team. 

The philosophical basis for our teaching comes from 'East meets West': the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Pancha Maya Model, the Five Elements, the Kleshas, the Gunas, Ayurveda, and the Enneagram, as well as evolutionary theory, neuroscience and bio-mechanics, and Integral Psychology.

The school is also a living farm. The property consists of approximately 1/2 acre organic vegetable gardens, edible flowers and herbs, an orchard, chickens and horses.  The Shala is an approved farm with the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms Organization, WWOOF.

We focus on sustainability practices, including composting and water conservation. Life here is a living example of the inter-connectedness of all things.

All meals are served in part from the farm and constructed with an understanding of Ayurveda, and the most current scientifically backed practices in nutrition.  

We can accommodate up to 20 people residentially at the Shala for scheduled events only. There are spaces available for couples.

Sign the waiver below (red link bottom right page) if you plan to visit the shala for any reason/activity. 


Cellphone services: Verizon (good coverage), AT&T (spotty coverage).

Wi-fi available at the main house and on the porch.


What to Bring  

Bring head lamp, personal hygiene items, medications, epi-pens if needed (bees), outdoor shoes for hiking, bathing suit (if summer), layered clothing, flip-flops/shower shoes, personal yoga mat/gear, whatever you personally need to feel comfortable, journal, bed linens.

  1. We provide towels, shampoos, soap, blankets, and pillows
  2. Please notify us of any food allergies, and special food requirements within reason. 
  3. Do not bring alcohol or any other substance.

Travel Arrangements

Do not GPS our address - GPS will not get you here! Simply, write down directions from our site.  It is very easy to find.

The closest airport is in Bentonville, AR., (approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes away) and the airport code is XNA. The airport in Little Rock, AR. is 3 hours and the code is LIT.

Photos of the Shala

Many of our photos for our site and marketing pieces have been photographed by Samuel PettitJess Gallegos and Nicholas Pippins. We enthusiastically refer their work to you for any creative, business and/or lifestyle photography you may need.