Sarah Carenbauer, Chef


I am a trained chef who works with the Circle Yoga Shala and private clients to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle with farm fresh cuisine. 

I  believe that when you tune in to your senses and really listen to your body, your body will tell you what your diet is lacking. My philosophy to an optimal diet and lifestyle is the proximity and farming practices of the things we consume; the better the ingredients, the less manipulation is needed to help our bodies absorb all the key nutrients. This philosophy also leads to the thought that the more we help the community around us, the more we can thrive as a whole-a whole person, a whole community, a whole sustainable unit.  



Food as Medicine

I have worked closely with food since I was a child, helping grandma and mom prepare feasts for family gatherings. My whole concept of food was shaped by these two women. From a very young age I was fed and taught to nurture my body with medicinal soups, teas, herbs, etc. My palate was developed not only to notice when flavors are balanced, but to also notice medicinal properties of dishes. When things didn’t taste “good” but were meant to heal and replenish the body, I was reminded to focus on how the body felt after digestion. The love and respect for food preparation that my mother and grandmother possessed peaked my interest in preparing food for others at a very young age.

Culinary Institute of America

I got my first job when I was fourteen at a bakery and that is when I realized I wanted to be involved with feeding people. My journey in the culinary world began at Ella’s Inn at Carnall Hall which led me to the Culinary Institute of America. After graduating with a degree in culinary arts in 2009 I went on to work at a three Michelin star restaurant in Healdsburg, California, and various restaurants in New York and Colorado. After a snowboarding accident put me out of commission in the kitchen for six months, I decided to re-evaulate the restaurant industry lifestyle. Yoga and mindful eating became more important than cooking in restaurants. I started to focus my attention on helping people with dietary restrictions/special needs when I lived in Boulder, Colorado. I moved back to Arkansas to leave the restaurant industry lifestyle behind and focus more on sharing my love for sustainable cuisine with my home state. 


I have been cooking for the shala’s retreats and teacher trainings since June 2016. I will be completing my 200-hour teacher training in June of 2017.