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Structural Spine Pathologies (Yoga and Scoliosis)


Featured teachers: Samantha Cavagnaro, PT, DPT, Yoga Therapist in Training and Schroth Certified; Matthew Krepps C-IAYT; Stela Balaban YTT500, Yoga Therapist in Training

This course provides a missing and very necessary bridge between the world of structural spine pathologies and holistic care. Scoliosis is a common spine pathology with severe implications on posture, breath and lifestyle. Specialized training is required to support clients with scoliosis in conjunction with medical professionals. This course draws from both West and East to 
#1 build an understanding of structural spine pathologies and 

#2 train yoga therapists and yoga teachers to support this condition. 

This workshop will cover:

⬝ the basic development and biomechanics of the spine 

⬝ the difference between structural and non-structural spine deviations

⬝ overview of the various forms of scoliosis, causes, and the pathomechanism of these pathologies

⬝ the medical diagnostic process and assessment tools appropriate for the yoga therapist/yoga teacher for utilization with individual clients

⬝ ayurvedic aspects of bone pathologies and lifestyle support

⬝ biomechanics of breathing and the inter-relation to postural and spinal dynamics, as well as, use of pranayama to provide appropriate support to clients with spinal deviations

⬝ ways to support individual clients through: general asana alignment principles, daily lifestyle needs/modifications, etc.

This course is open to yoga therapists, yoga teachers and seasoned yoga practitioners and individuals with scoliosis. This workshop grants continuing education hours.

Tuition $575 (does not include room and board)

Room and Board: $268-$348 depending on option. Room and Board covers all meals starting with Wed dinner through Sunday lunch and 4 nights for lodging.


  • Meals include omnivore, vegetarian or vegan options. Any additional diet needs/restrictions require a meal price per day of additional $13/day.

  • Meal package must include all meals.

  • All reservations must be completed at least a week before the offering.

Later Event: October 25
Pranayama MasterCourse (CEU)