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Drum Workshop with Daithi Dubh

Drum workshop

This 2 day workshop will give you a hands-on experience in making your own tribal drum.

At the end of it all you will take away your own specialized, designed, and birthed drum ready for use. The knowledge you will gain in drum making as well as some Shamanic practice
while spending 2 days with Daithi Dubh is priceless.


Daithi Dubh is a Shamanic Healer, Conscious Dreamer, Holistic Therapist and Conservationist. His journey into Earth-based Vibrational Healing began as a teenager where he developed a deep love and connection with nature. The only academic study that was aligned with this passion was that of a Conservationist.

As he advanced in his studies he found myself drawn to Shamanic healing, which led him to learn from Shamans and healers throughout Mexico, Ireland and North America. Although the teachings were unique, the common thread throughout was respect for Mother Earth and all that she touches.

It became clear to him as he healed his own traumas that he was helping the Earth heal and as we directed healing to the Earth, humanity as a whole was benefiting.


The Shamanic path has opened him to listen to, and learn from, the voice of Spirit; the spirit of the tree, the stone, the elements, animals, and the spirit guides that are available in service to humanity. It is often that we access this level of consciousness in our dreams and much of his work is designed to awaken the client to their dreaming body so that they can consciously listen, learn, grow and heal.

As a Conscious Dreamer, Daithi travels  between worlds of time and space, building a bridge between the power of the dream to the conscious reality of the seeker – in order to bring about balance, health and happiness.


Journey to gather your intention for your drum, Learn about what it takes to start a drum from 'scratch'. Choose a section of the hide you wish to use for your drum, cut it along with the lacing and ready it for soaking, Make your own beater, *Bring a special piece of wood (min. 1-1/2" thick and 12" long), learn how to lathe it, stitch the beater head leather, stuff it and decorate it, Prepare your rim with special engraving, your name, date, or symbols that mean something to the power of your drum, Stretch the soaked hide over the wooden drum rim and bind it with the hide lacing. This sounds much easier then it is, but there is a process to do it right and Daithi will guide you through that, Learn how best to care for your drum to keep it in the best condition and vibration.

Space is limited to 10 people, a non-refundable deposit of $50 will reserve your space.

Total cost for the event will depend greatly on the particulars of the drum you wish to create. All available skins are from wild animals with healthy organic lives, which gives their hides great variability for vibration and sound. The spirit of the animal lived in its true environment, not farmed, so the life lives magically in the hide. It continues to live and be honored in the drums made from their essence.

For More information please contact Daithi at 702-354-1356 or email at

PayPal link to pay non-refundable deposit, Please change currency to USD


16 inch $300
18 inch $350

Mustang & Elk
16 inch $325
18 inch $375
20 inch $425

16 inch $350
18 inch $400
20 inch $450

Red Elk Stag
16 inch 350
18 inch 375
20 inch 425

For information on Double sided Ceremonial Drums please contact me at or on 702 354 1356

Registration link coming soon!