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A Very Special Weekend with Howard Bad Hand: Lakota teachings, ritual/ceremony, private sessions


Friday evening, March 29:

An introduction to the weekend. Howard will share his personal experience of growing up Lakota imbibing the world view that resulted in his life as a singer and spiritual helper. Topics covered will include the sweat lodge, vision quest, sun dance, celebrating life, and the Lakota virtue of giving life to one’s words.

Lakota and the I Ching

Saturday Morning, March 30:

Howard will briefly review what he has shared with those who attended previous workshops at the Shala. He will follow the review by incorporating his personal experiences of learning about change with the impact that learning has had on his life as a Lakota individual. Having established this background, he will share a reading about what the assembled group needs to know.

Lakota Ritual

Saturday afternoon, March 30:

To provide participants with an experience of one of the rituals that Lakota people do to connect with the divine described on Friday evening, Howard will lead a sweat lodge ceremony.

Social Time and/or Personal Readings w/the I Ching

Saturday evening, March 30:

A relaxed time to enjoy connecting socially with people of like mind, and with the opportunity for personal meetings/readings from Howard.

I Ching

Sunday Morning, March 31:

Howard will share in greater depth the impact the I Ching has had on his personal learning and how the living this ancient wisdom through his actions has furthered his life as a Lakota person having a divine experience. This discussion will conclude the workshop.

Personal Readings w/the I Ching

Sunday Afternoon, March 31:

Howard will be available for additional personal readings to finish the connection to the I Ching.


Retreat Fee: $175 plus Accommodations

Private Readings are separate from retreat fee.

To book accommodations: