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Pranayama MasterCourse (CEU)

Thursday arrival; Friday - Sunday course

This pranayama master course will dive into one of the greatest gifts of yoga and it will train teachers how to continue to share this gift with their students in most versatile and intelligent ways. This workshop is open to both yoga teachers, yoga therapists and seasoned yogis interested in deepening their pranayama practice. This workshop will grant 20 CEU hours.

This workshop will:

- provide an opportunity to start and develop a daily personal pranayama practice informed by vinyasa krama and Ayurvedic constitution

- explore the concept of Prana by rooting it in Eastern cosmology and Western theories of knowledge by redefining it as "information" and showcasing its relationship to Soma (physical structure), Agni (conscious perception and homeostasis), and Marut (Movement)

- teach several of the most important pranayama techniques and rate them according to complexity and effect

- reveal the specific nature of the inhalation, exhalation, retention, and suspension in the breath cycle in general, and in relation to Ayurvedic constitution

- hold space for group work where teachers can practice sequencing action and language for simple and advanced pranayamas

- provide several group practices with specific pranayama and biomechanical focuses that will showcase different phases of the breath, accompanying bandhas and sets of asana.

Open to yoga teachers, yoga therapists and yoga practitioners.

Tuition: $450

Avg $240 room and board

Later Event: December 13
Yoga and the Recovery Tradition