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Jasper, AR, 72641
United States


Circle Yoga Shala is a center for Yoga advancement, creative emergence, and a sustainable life.

Professional Athletes

Professional Athletes

We train professional athletes from a variety of sports including tennis, beach volleyball and bull fighting. This is done on an ad hock basis, please contact us for availability, training options and fees. Our approach focuses on functional movement and development as well as mental training to facilitate the flow state.

Yoga is a revelation-based technology.  As the great sage Vyasa is supposed to have said: “Yoga is Samadhi”. From its purely meditative strains to its more modern physical expressions, yoga expresses a unique reverence for FLOW: absorption, effortless attention, and aesthetic epiphany.

Modern Neuro-Scientists and psychologists have found that the people who are the happiest and the healthiest are those that spend the most time absorbed in the FLOW.

When flow is happening “downloading” of new information is possible which directs our growth, our understanding of purpose and our evolution.

Matthew and Holly are official team members of Slukova' and Hermannova', Olympic Czech Republic Beach Volleyball Team, as consulting trainers. Keep up with the team's progress here

Functional Movement and Development w/Matt

Mental Training and Inquiry w/holly

Coach, Czech Republic Olympic Beach Volleyball Team

Captain, Czech Republic Olympic Beach Volleyball Team

Featured in these pictures are the Czech Republic's Olympic Women's Beach Volleyball Team; Artem, a professional tennis player for New Zealand; the shala's beach volleyball court; and Noah, bullfighter (in cream hat).