Pre-Recorded Workshops


Vinyasa Krama

Vinyasa Krama is the foundational view (darshana) supporting the Yoga practitioner’s approach to adapting teachings to the uniqueness of the situations that present themselves. As practitioners of a transformative tradition, it is our responsibility to adapt the yoga to our individuality, not our individuality to the yoga. Understanding this concept means embodying a practical understanding of the sequential nature of the learning process itself, and the relations of necessity that stabilize the stages that comprise it. Its mantra is: transcend and include. Join Matt and Holly Krepps for a weekend of action-based inquiry into the nature of the learning process itself, and how to create asana, pranayama, and meditation sequences that embody it. Each session includes Satsang (group processing of concepts and experience), posture practice, pranayama, and meditation.

Teachers: Matt and Holly Krepps

7 hours of recorded content

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Kaya Kalpa

This workshop was offered the weekend of February 27, 2016, at Jane’s House Studio in St. Louis, MO. and consists of nine hours of teaching. Kaya Kalpa is an ancient Ayurvedic term that describes the complete reorganization, reconstruction, and rejuvenation of the entire human system.

Teachers: Matt and Holly Krepps

6.5 hours of recorded content


Presence of the Past

This was recorded at a workshop offered at Jane’s House Studio, St Charles, MO, July 2016. It is taken for granted that Yoga in many forms fosters a transformation of the human being, but it is not often understood that our experience of transformation can be more of less transitory, and that stable change is founded on a series of developmental milestones that must be in place before any advance in evolutionary growth becomes permanent. Join Matt and Holly Krepps for a weekend of practice and conversation centered around the process of gradual and stable transformation as outlined in the first and second chapters of the Yoga Sutra, and the disciplines of neuroscience and psychology. Each session will be sequenced as a complete practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation, and is open to all levels of practitioner.

Teachers: Matt and Holly Krepps

7 hours of recorded material

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Meditation and Ayurveda

Meditation is one of the primary tools in the Ayurvedic healing pantheon. Ayurveda understands and capitalizes on the fact that there are many forms of meditation, and strives to match meditative techniques with the uniqueness of the individual’s innate nature, and the particular place she is in her healing journey and/or practice. Join Matthew Krepps as he reveals several forms of meditation recognized by Ayurveda, including: Prayer, Mantra, Affirmations, Visualizations, Devotional Meditation and Knowledge Meditation and how to tune these techniques to each dosha. A Facebook account/access is required for workshop access.

Teacher: Matt Krepps

2 hours of recorded material