The Work



I offer one-on-one guidance for individuals in uncovering their truth, in making conscious decisions, and in taking creative actions that move them in the direction of being more present and aligned with their deepest Selves.  I offer guidance in thriving.

I take individuals gently through a deep inventory of their actual lived experience, in a series of gradual steps that assist in uncovering what is false, so that what THEY ARE can be felt and experienced clearly – - – maybe for the first time.







To watch Holly guide someone through the inquiry process is to see a form of mastery at work.  Her approach, while loving and patient, is tireless in pursuit of the truth that lies beyond "story".  By drawing on her personal practice of confronting the false self, Holly is adept at cornering ego so it reveals itself.  Her natural gifts of deep listening and intuition, allow her to lead clients on a journey of self-discovery.  The result is a taste of freedom that may leave one hungry for more.


Facilitation Program Details

What we work on: the consequences and continued presence of habitual behavioral patterns, negative thought patterns, sudden life changes, the cultivation of a satisfying and profound spiritual life – - freed from religious systems, unconscious identification with “personal stories”, all through the transformative art of deep inquiry.

What I’m not: a counselor, therapist, or someone who will prop up your personal stories.

Facilitation Fees

I'm able to provide a unique opportunity to immerse one-on-one in a retreat setting: 

  • 1 night, 1 day which includes facilitation for inquiry work, organic gourmet meals, lodging, any materials needed, and a follow up phone conversation 1 -2 weeks after departure:  $275
  • Our time together centers around designing an individualized practice for the purpose of moving toward inner stability and wholeness.   Practices may include: yoga, pranayama and meditation techniques specifically geared toward your headset, and most importantly, experiential exercises for personal inquiry.

Additional Opportunities:

Individual sessions are available outside of being at the shala

  • Phone sessions: $108;  Face-to-face sessions: $135 

Monthly Program

  • 3 Calls plus e-mail access: $250 per month; to include a face-to-face: $335

If you come to the shala for our monthly meeting, lodging is provided for you at 1/2 price plus the cost of meals. 

To begin send me an email please with your contact information from any page on our site's contact us.