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Co Rd 24
Jasper, AR, 72641
United States


Circle Yoga Shala is a center for Yoga advancement, creative emergence, and a sustainable life.

Movement Experiment

Aristotle said: “to be ignorant of motion is to be ignorant of nature.”

Movement Experiment

Movement is the navel of our world. All things originate from it, cloaked in kinetic shimmering, before returning to their final places having been educated by its rhythm. Sun Dancers stamp in the heat sweating prayers for the people. Dervishes twirl and swoon. The yogini dips and dives, winding herself into a singularity before she opens again to the sun. Thought vibrates into existence. Emotion and intuition throb, shaping the body and preparing it for intimacy. If all of this is so, movement is the sine qua non of creative aspiration, purpose, and transformation.

 We desire to release movement from any dogma or irrational constraint because we are here to thrive. Movement speaks our current state. It shows the result of our efforts and desires. Its quality reveals and corrects our blindness to ourselves.

On the current of Spirit movement seeks as many mates as possible...


What is difficult for most students of movement-based disciplines like Yoga, martial arts, and others to determine is this: When am I ready to begin advanced practice?  

The Movement Experiment is designed to offer the public a systematic sequence of development that aims to give serious students of movement-based disciplines a clear idea about when they are ready to get really serious about moving creatively and how to go about it.

Here’s an example of the way the work will unfold.

  • Uncovering and correcting asymmetries; Establishing the respiratory foundations for advanced spinal bracing; Training the core to resist the rotational force. 
  • Immersion in Multi-planar motion; Low gait movement and the basics of rolling.
  • Establishing single leg strength as the measure of lower body competence; The split stride stance and advanced hip work.
  • Mastering Inversion – the shoulder girdle and three-point headstand; Advanced arm work – the straight arm and the bent arm in pushing and pulling mechanics.


  • June 12th - 30th, 2017, Monday - Friday each week, 2 hours of instruction each day in soft tissue work, clearing mobility and engaging stability, accessing motor programs and applying in motion.
  • $175 week for expert and dynamic instruction, and Seva (selfless service) daily on the farm in exchange for accommodations.
  • See Calendar page for dates


What Others Have To Say

Instruction and Play


These apply only for trainings at Circle Yoga Shala (not other locations).

  1. Arrive the night before each training's start date.  You will need to notify us if you are traveling the morning of the first day, and will need to be here by 8am.
  2. Do not GPS our address - write down our directions from our site.  It is very easy to find, but mapquest/GPS is not accurate in this area.
  3. Bring personal hygiene items, medications, epi-pens if needed (bee hives), outdoor shoes for hiking, etc., layered clothing, flip-flops/shower shoes, personal yoga gear, *journal.
  4. Bring your own linens
  5. We provide towels, shampoos, soap
  6. Please notify us of any food allergies, and special requirements within reason. 
  7. Do not bring alcohol or any other substance.
  8. Do not bring pets.
  9. For additional info go to The Shala page.