Mary Horne, 500RYT, LCSW

Yoga and Healthcare

I have been engaged in the study and practice of health, healing, and yoga for over two decades. I currently serve veterans suffering with the effects of post-traumatic stress as a therapist at the VA.  I have been able to bring my knowledge and experience of mindfulness and yoga not only to the individual veterans I serve, but to the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System through my role as co-chair and content specialist for the Mindfulness and Motion Subcommittee, part of the VA’s Whole Health Initiative.  In this role, I have developed and implemented trainings for healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists and front-line staff in order to integrate mindfulness and mindful movement into standard care at the VA.  I have created interventions for veterans with PTSD and chronic pain using pranayama, asana, and soft-tissue work combined with psychotherapy.

Yoga and Social Work

My educational background is in social work, a discipline that takes a strengths-based approach and sees the person as a unique individual influenced by and influencing their environment.  The social work perspective and the yogic perspective are very compatible in this way. I am an experienced ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) therapist and am trained and certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and EMDR, the three evidence-based therapies for PTSD.  I am skilled at working with individuals and groups in therapy and in providing training and supervision to students.

I bring my experience of working within a traditional healthcare system, which supports the Circle Yoga Shala program’s goals of training yoga therapists who can interact knowledgeably and successfully with other healthcare providers.

Yoga and Relationship

I have practiced and trained with Matt and Holly Krepps over the past 15 years and have completed my 200-hour and 500-hour yoga teacher training through Circle Yoga Shala.  This relationship gives me a unique understanding of the development and evolution of the Circle Shala program.  

I love teaching, facilitating and witnessing the healing process, and helping each person reach their fullest potential.