Lindsey Hardin, Yoga Teacher, Instructor of Practice Management and Ethical Principles


Lindsey Hardin is co-owner and director of Ozark Integrative Medicine. She has worked in the field of integrative medicine for 12 years. In that time, she founded, managed, developed, and directed integrative medicine clinics. Lindsey has trained professionals such as acupuncturists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, tai chi instructors, and medical doctors in all areas of practice management and administration.

In 2011 she launched Ozark Integrative Wellness Center with her husband, a licensed acupuncturist. Her clinic has been in continuous operation since opening.

In 2014 she was hired as the director of Baxter Regional Hospital’s Center For Integrative Medicine. She designed the center’s business model and clinical programs. She trained all members of the medical staff in necessary areas of practice management. This facilitated bringing integrative medicine into a Western medical hospital. 


Lindsey is a self-proclaimed advocate for professional integrative medicine. She understands that healers in these fields are very good at what they do, but often are lost when it comes to practice management and other areas of running a clinic or working with peers. Lindsey has dedicated her career to helping providers become empowered to handle the ethical, legal, and administrative side while working in an integrative setting.


In our Yoga Therapy Program, Lindsey oversees the curriculum and distance learning for Professional Practices. Her skills lie in developing and employing guidelines for integrative professionals such as policies and procedures for patient care. Charting, proper evaluation and management practices, assessments and SOAP notes, policies for patient conduct, risk management, red flags, OSHA, HIPPA, emergency situations, consultations with other medical professionals, and ethics.