Become a Whole Teacher

We've been training teachers since 2001 and have conducted over 5,000 hours of training since that time in Arkansas, Missouri, Mexico and Ohio.  As a result, we’ve had the privilege of developing teachers who are seen as the most competent in their markets, and have evolved a program that is equaled by none: there is a difference between training someone to be a teacher, and training someone to be an instructor. We train teachers.

The Shala

Community Yoga Class

Every Saturday from 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM. Class is for all levels with an emphasis on beginners. Donation-based fee, suggested minimum $10.

Movement Assessment with Matthew

One-on-one two-day session includes assessment, corrective strategies and developmental plan. Contact Matthew directly for info and appointment. 

Self-Inquiry Facilitation with Holly

Becoming Free of 'Stories' That Hinder Our Lives. Discover what is True. Through a series of gradual steps that assist in uncovering what is false, what is true can be felt and experienced clearly –  maybe for the first time.  Once truth is revealed, so is the feeling of being truly free. To inquire into a one-on-one session contact Holly directly.