Holly Krepps, Co-Founder, School Director, C-IAYT, Consultant for Olympic Athletes

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I have been a practitioner of the system of Yoga since 1992. Before my full-time endeavors as a yoga teacher, I had a very lucrative career in broadcast media and advertising for fifteen+ years. During that time, I was a Marketing Director at a successful advertising firm, and worked for CBS and NBC affiliates. In addition, on a freelance basis, I was a consultant, public speaker, and trainer for programs such as, America's Promise and Tennessee Partners in Education facilitating training and writing nationally implemented training curriculums on private and public sector collaborations.

After my career, together with Matthew, I developed a yoga studio into one of the premier studios in our state, and I now own Circle Yoga Shala.

I have over 10,000 hours invested in teaching, with more than 5000 of those hours in the training of whole Yoga Teachers. I have facilitated workshops, teacher trainings, and private one-on-one sessions in the southern and midwest regions of the country, as well as Mexico, Spain and Costa Rica. Circle Yoga Shala was my vision and ultimate expression of a creative life in service to self and others. I oversee all facets of the Shala.

Currently, I'm in Father Richard Rohr's Living School, a non-dual contemplative wisdom school. Rohr is the founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM.


My understanding of Yoga as an integrative system has led me to unique opportunities such as a full-time consultant for the Czech Republic’s Olympic Women’s Beach Volleyball team and also work with a world-class tennis pro for New Zealand. My facilitation with these athletes, as well as private clients, and yoga teachers-in-training focuses on discovering patterns of habitual behavior, be it in mind, emotions, and the body that interfere with the flow state, the generative ground of creativity, vitality, and intelligent responses. 

"To watch Holly guide someone through the inquiry process is to see a form of mastery at work. Her approach, while loving and patient, is tireless in pursuit of the truth that lies beyond "story". By drawing on her personal practice of confronting the false self, Holly is adept at cornering ego so it reveals itself. Her natural gifts of deep listening and intuition, allow her to lead clients on a journey of self-discovery. The result is a taste of freedom that may leave one hungry for more."  Pat R.


I lead a full and content life that is a result of fearless sensitive living and radical acceptance of what is.

If a way of 'being' has culminated or been reinforced from my engagement with Yoga, it is that of surrender. Surrender to the divine, and to what is happening in each moment, maintaining a felt connection to Self which is the opposite of getting lost in mechanical action as the basis for joy and peace in the midst of this beautiful play of MA(ya).