Circle Yoga Shala is a Member School of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and a registered school with the National Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour levels. 

Do I Have What it Takes to Be a Teacher?

We receive this question often, and the answer is, it depends: Are you interested in yoga as a transformational path?  Are you interested in self-study?  Are you interested in the whole system of Yoga? Do you desire to know how to meet the needs of individual(s) by delivering intelligent and creative decisions based on student's desires, and their unique capabilities, as well as their challenges? At the 500 hour levels these decisions can be informed by their Ayurvedic constitution, the five elements, the five senses, the five techniques of Hatha Yoga, and even more.  This is what a total yoga teacher is able to do.  If you can be passionate about that kind of learning, then the answer is YES,  and we know how to develop you into that kind of practitioner, as well as teacher. And, it begins with the 200HR TT. 

What is Dynamic Yoga?

Dynamic Yoga is not another fragmented "style" of yoga. As a whole, Dynamic Yoga is an inquiry based approach to Yoga.  Inquiry is an investigation into what is already present in you, rather than what might need to be added or possibly taken away. 

Concerning asana (posture), Dynamic Yoga offers seven universal actions that are applied to all postures. Understanding these seven actions equips you and your students with the ability to take action that is integrated and aligned regardless of strength, flexibility, and the lack thereof, to stabilize and support ones joints and also ones attention in asana practice. The only difference between the asanas is the degree in which these actions must occur. The asanas themselves are understood as action configurations, not static objects. 

Our teachers learn how to language, see, modify, and sequence from this orientation which produces elegant classes that reveals a deeper understanding of how to practice and how to take action.  

What Makes Your Program Different?

There are many factors.  Here are a few:

First, most training programs focus mainly on content which is not wrong, just not complete when developing a teacher.  We put an equal emphasis on the way of teaching.  You can understand many things, but you don't actually know it until you can demonstrate it in action. 

Second, as what is thought to be yoga becomes more popular, more training programs are springing up and fees are also going up. We have kept the cost of training down so that our program with accommodations -  for a full immersion experience - is still lower than competitive market prices.  For us, this is a lifestyle that we are passionate about sharing, not a business.  And while our fees are lower, all of your 200 hours are direct contact hours with Matt and Holly; not assistants or guest teachers.  Our hours exceed all minimum standards by the Yoga Alliance, which we have always surpassed.   

Third, our training offers opportunities for a complete immersion experience, free from distractions of day-to-day life which is a necessary part of being able to become adept in, or even master, a new skill set.  This type of learning is not accessible in a weekend environment.  Also, the way our program is delivered you have time between intensives to integrate and apply what has been learned before trying to add on more information.  This, too, allows for a solid foundation to be laid and thoroughly cultivated.

To be honest with you, if you desire to "slam dunk" a training out in a short period of time then it's possible you've only had a glimpse of what yoga is, and you're not suited for our program.  

What if I Have to Miss an Intensive?

We strongly encourage you to not miss, for any reason.  That said, we understand emergencies occur.  In that case, you can make up those hours the next time that intensive is conducted.  You have 1 year after the completion of program enrolled in to make up the hours.  After that, you must start from the beginning.  

There are no refunds after the start of the program.  

What About Certification?

Teacher training programs in general are not certification programs.  What they provide are opportunities to get the minimum number of hours needed for recognition by the yoga alliance as a yoga instructor.  The Yoga Alliance started as an organization to create a minimum set of standards that instructors could agree on in an effort to regulate an unregulated industry.  What they provide is a recognition of total hours trained. When you complete your hours with us you can provide a copy of our certificate to the alliance for immediate recognition at the level you have trained.  We have been a member of the alliance since its inception.  We support its efforts and intentions; however, we do not hold ourselves to their standards - we exceed them, and always have.  There is a difference in becoming a yoga instructor and becoming a teacher.  We Train Teachers.  

Circle Yoga Shala's Yoga Therapy Program: We are currently working on our yoga therapy program with the International Association of Yoga Therapists for full accreditation.

Matthew is an IAYT registered Yoga Therapist, an E-RYT 500, the Director of Circle Yoga Shala's program, and is also the Director of Jane's House Studio's program, St. Charles, MO.   Holly has worked side-by-side with Matthew for 18 years. She is an approved teacher by the yoga alliance in their programs, but has never desired to register with the YA. She has personal and principal-based reasons for this decision.

We have been developing teachers since 2001.  

We also conduct trainings in collaboration with Jane's House Studio, St. Charles, MO., Arkansas Yoga Collective, Little Rock, AR., and Yoga Strong Studio, Canton, OH.

I arrived at Circle Yoga Shala with many things about yoga a mystery to me. I left the Shala writing sequences, able to discuss philosophy of asana practice in depth, developing a strong self-practice, and I was confidant I could teach a class because I had already practiced so much at the Shala. I'm so thankful for Matt, Holly, and everyone who helped make Circle Yoga Shala what it is today.
Hannah Trice, Circle Yoga Shala Teacher at the 200 hour level