Corporate Team Building

Build Culture. Increase Retention. Improve Team Dynamics


Results Focused: Spend a day on our farm to build culture, increase retention, improve team productivity through avenues of inquiry into individual, person-to-person, and collective dynamics. Gain practical tools for listening, expressing, and working together while experiencing a fun and rejuvenating environment. 

Our day-long team building experience includes:

  • Equine-assisted inquiry to learn personal presence, mindfulness, and authentic communication through working with our horses
  • Training in mindful listening and communication to strengthen interpersonal and team dynamics
  • Farm to table lunch and tour of our organic gardens

We will work with you and your team to design an agenda that meets your needs.

Team Building at the Shala

A day for up to 12 individuals:

9:30am Introductions and tour of the farm

Building Connection

With Help From Our Equine Teachers

10:00am - 12:00pm Equine-assisted Inquiry: In building connection with a horse we learn how to sense deeply and be fully aware of our internal disposition. Zwarte, Morpheus, and Honey, the resident equine teachers on the farm are 1500 lb. to 2000 lb. instant feedback loops for how we're 'coming across'.  

Horses demand presence and congruence from us to align in cooperation and flow. They are incredibly patient and willing to wait, all the while communicating what is needed, if we are willing to feel.Through their communication, learn to be fully present, to trust yourself, the moment, and others; and ultimately, experience how to be vulnerable and open AND maintain a personal sense of power.


Exquisite Meals

12pm - 1pm Farm to Table Lunch


Time To Just Relax And Enjoy

1pm - 2pm Relax, enjoy a hike on our property's trail to see a magnificent view, or engage in a pick up game of beach volleyball


Team Exploration

2pm - 4:30pm Open Ears, Open Minds: We come together in circle to learn tools for listening, to inquire into our personal barriers to speaking with transparency and compassion; and to create one-on-one team connection and understanding.

Tools include:

  • A riveting discussion on evolutionary biology and neuroscience to understand how we are hardwired for cooperation, self-deception, and other fascinating traits that can either benefit a group dynamic or work against it.
  • Experiential exercises to move beyond habitual actions/reactions
  • Breathing techniques for calming the nervous system and allowing for 'more to be experienced'



Make your day an overnight retreat and enjoy our lodging accommodations with a farm to table dinner, evening around the fire pit and coffee and light breakfast service before departure.

  • Full Day Team Building: $2000 up to 12 individuals includes all activities and lunch
  • Add a Farm to Table Dinner and Overnight Stay: $1100 for meals and lodging in our residential barn. To add one of the two houses on the property to the accommodations, visit this page for additional pricing.


To check into potential dates for you and your team, contact Holly Krepps.