Yoga in Action - September 2019

Today we launch the third issue of Yoga in Action and are beyond excited! Check out the highlights below.

The issue focuses on Yoga and the Enneagram, two wisdom traditions with much in common, particularly when it comes to the mind. With the increasing popularity of the Enneagram in mainstream culture, we wish to contribute to this ongoing dialogue by highlighting the shala perspective. In particular, our lineage suggests that deep inquiry of the Enneagram goes well beyond stabilizing the personality; it transcends and includes it.

We start our investigation of the mind by exploring the evolutionary context in which it evolved and why the three brains specialized in different types of information. We dive into the Western discipline that studies the mind: psycholanalysis and its cornerstone book, the DSM. The philosophy section shows the overlaps of Yoga and the Enneagram through the lens of the "process" metaphor as well as Gurdjieff's ascending and descending octaves. After these fundamental ideas are presented, it is possible to explain why the Enneagram of Fixation is not the latest Meyers Briggs, rather it is much more! We hope you enjoy the personal accounts of those doing the "Work" in the Living and Applying section as well as Holly's meditation practice.

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