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Co Rd 24
Jasper, AR, 72641
United States


Circle Yoga Shala is a center for Yoga advancement, creative emergence, and a sustainable life.


Bara, Olympic Athlete, Czech Republic


Circle Yoga Shala is a labor of love and an intense desire for conscious living. We started with raw land and potential. Since our beginning in June of 2009, we have converted an existing barn into sleeper spaces and a practice space, added a couple of sleeper cabins and an outdoor practice pavilion, expanded an orchard and gardens, and added many animals. Most of the work has been done by us and the majority of our building materials have come from the land. The rooms are beautiful, and also affordable to provide an opportunity to fully immerse in learning. The shala is on healing land.


Lodging is paid upon arrival and priced per person. The prices shown are for short-term stays. Training opportunities for four days or longer are at a reduced rate. In that case, lodging costs are provided with program information on respective pages.

Barn, Downstairs

Private space $55/night/one person or $85/night/couple

Dorm $40/night/pp


Barn, Upstairs

Dorm accommodations $35/night/pp

Garden Sleeper Cabin


Private Home

Private home: $175/night

Meals and Gardens

In support of your daily activities and studies at the farm, it's important to us that you are deeply nourished. Our meals are created from the finest ingredients, mostly grown at the Shala and/or neighboring farms. They are seasonal, organic and inspired by the adaptive principles of Ayurvedic philosophy. We serve fresh fruit, juices and jams made from our orchard, a wide variety of greens, herbs, edible flowers, a large assortment of vegetables, free range meats, and fermented condiments.

Meals are paid upon arrival and priced per person. Meal costs are provided with program information on respective pages.